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we could expand your reach while streamlining your expenses?

International Facilitators Plus is the answer to globally launch and expand your organization to operate in countries that can support, donate to, and accomplish your mission.

We are the EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and ECONOMIC answer for global operations for purpose minded organizations.

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IFP Global Offices

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A simple strategy with global results

For almost 40 years, our firm has simplified international operations through the core value of being the effective, efficient and economic solution for organizations that have a global cause while serving as their strategic partner.

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Our proven strategies, experience with a variety of organizations and operations in each country mean you get solutions that work for you!

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We simplify the process and streamline your deliverables to make establishing your organization simple and get you up and running fast!

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With years of strategic partnerships and full service operations, we make your start up investment and daily operations economical for you!

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Why Us?

Experience the difference

Your purpose is too important not to reach the world. Our firm makes expanding your organization internationally impactful, simple and affordable which brings a significant increase to your goals and awareness.

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Establish your Organization Internationally
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Manage Donors, Product Fulfillment, and Reporting
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Increase Global Footprint to Maximize Impact

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Who We Are

Unmatched Experience

For almost 40 years, International Facilitators Plus has been the partner of choice for organizations across the globe. We make establishing, managing and expanding international operations simple and affordable. Through unmatched services, key expert partnerships and experience that cannot be duplicated; you are in secure hands with IFP.

PLUS, we offer a wide array of client services, vendor partners and solutions to the unique needs of your organization. This gives you the advantage of having a strategic partner who can support your organization as new opportunities emerge and guide you through each level of growth.

About Us  
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Our Process

How we make international operations simple + affordable

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Form Your International Presence

We handle every step of the process to get your current organization established and recognized as a legal and compliant charity or business entity according to the guidelines of each country.

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Action Plan with Global Missions and Services
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Corporate Formation and Financial Registration
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Expert Legal and Accounting Advisors
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Establish Operations

We build a strategic operating plan in partnership with your organization that supports your vision while expanding global support.

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Developing Partnerships, Donors and Events
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Manage Your Operations and Compliance
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Full Service Office Presence in Each Country
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Strategies that help you grow

With years of  experience operating in multiple countries, we understand communication that works with converting content to achieve global partnership.

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Support and Manage Partnership Programs
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Offer Strategic Advice for Operations
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Local Action with Global Compliance

Long term clients
share their experiences

Saved a quarter of a million dollars...

“As a result of working with IFP, we saved close to $250,000 CAD per year in operating costs, enabling us to expand our charitable impact nationally, including our humanitarian outreach and broadcasting presence, all while reaching and building more donors and donations.”

Former COO
Broadcast Outreach - U.S. Based

Decrease cost while increasing expansion

"Through our strategic partnership with IFP, we were able to decrease our international operating costs substantially, allowing us to expend more directly in the pursuit and growth of our new donorbase and donations. This effectively gave us the opportunity to specifically focus on our charitable purposes and expand our footprint internationally.”

Corporate Director
Broadcast Media Non Profit Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

We know expanding your operations comes with alot of questions. We have answered a few key questions below and always available to answer more!

What is the timeline?

With clear and consistent communication and participation from our clients, we can establish your entity within 45 days.

How big does my current organization need to be?

We work with organizations of all sizes, purposes and history. Whether you are just starting out or working on global expansion, we are here to assist.

Do you work with For Profit Companies?

Expanding your organization requires a skilled and experienced team to navigate international compliance, donor protocols and customer care.

Is it expensive?

Our monthly retainers for operations, marketing, accounting, donor services and consulting are less than the cost of you doing it yourself.

Can I select the services I need?

Every client is different and every package is customized to your needs and end goals for your organization.

Why should I work with IFP?

While others may approach you with what they hope to do, we bring our years of experience, on the ground partnership and tactical consulting to be a strategic partner in your organization

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