In every organization, there is a mission waiting to shine worldwide. We are here to help you expand internationally!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know expanding your operations comes with alot of questions. We have answered a few key questions below and always available to answer more!

What is the timeline?

With clear and consistent communication and participation from our clients, we can establish your entity within 45 days.

How big does my current organization need to be?

We work with organizations of all sizes, purposes and history. Whether you are just starting out or working on global expansion, we are here to assist.

Why do I need these services?

Expanding your organization requires a skilled and experienced team to navigate international compliance, donor protocols and customer care.

Is it expensive?

Our monthly retainers for operations, marketing, accounting, donor services and consulting are less than the cost of you doing it yourself.

Can I select the services I need?

Every client is different and every package is customized to your needs and end goals for your organization.

Why should I work with IFP?

While others may approach you with what they hope to do, we bring our years of experience, on the ground partnership and tactical consulting to be a strategic partner in your organization