Our Mission

We started with a single mission: Help non profits expand across the globe.

For almost 40 years, International Facilitators Plus has been the partner of choice for organizations across the globe. We make establishing, managing and expanding international operations simple and affordable. Through unmatched services, key expert partnerships and experience that cannot be duplicated; you are in secure hands with IFP.

PLUS, we offer a wide array of client services, vendor partners and solutions to the unique needs of your organization. This gives you the advantage of having a strategic partner who can support your organization as new opportunities emerge and guide you through each level of growth.

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Our Story

The story behind building a firm that lasts through changing times.

The 80's


Began consulting with non profit organizations to help build awareness, operations and global presence .

The 90's


Launched company with headquarters in Canada to assist with organizational needs during the global expansion process.

The 00's

International Reach

Opened office in the United Kingdom to help manage the growth of our clients and set up support teams in both locations to streamline operations.

The '10's


Opened two new international offices with a global support team to handle all operational, financial and donor relations across the globe.



Helped organizations streamline their operations to cut operating expenses while maximizing the output of their organization. We remained open for organizations who had to shut their physical doors.

Beyond 22

And Now The Plus

We continue to perfect
our internal operations, expand our teams and provide critical training to help more globally purposed organizations run successful operations in multiple countries.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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We streamline the process to make expanding your organization in other countries something that is obtainable, affordable and simple to do. We take the guess work and the hard work out of the way and put it into the hands of our experienced team that have done this for multiple of organizations over the decades.

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You have heard the saying, "sometimes imitated, never duplicated" - Well that applies to us for the key fact that our expertise is only outmatched by our experience in working with multiple organizations; each with unique challenges and personal goals. We have adapted to ever changing protocols, laws and methods of operations as time goes by.

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The fundamental value of every organization is to minimize overhead and maximize the outreach of their organization. We help you save money by streamlining your operations while enabling you to increase your local and international donations; making more resources available for the fulfillment of your mission.

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Not only do we service your organization through everyday operations, we bring our years of strategy, results and innovation to every client empowering them to grow. Our strategic advisory sessions with your key leadership helps to build a strong foundation for you increase your support and awareness.

Offices Across The Globe

In addition to our Canadian headquarters, we have established corporate offices across the globe to help streamline your international operations and give your organization a regional presence in key demographics.

Our present offices provide clients access to approximately 94% of the English speaking population across the globe - and we're continuing to grow.


Vancouver, British Columbia


London, England

South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa


Sydney, Australia